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I know that at least 85% of my viewers are Windows OS users - but I am an Apple Sheep after all, and even more so since I started setting up my new MacBook Pro, with full connectivity to my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air, so I will share a few tips and tricks here in my blog over the next few weeks and then move them to my All Mac All the Time page (note the Apple logo icon above. And, I will be radically updating this page and the Windows Page over the next few weeks so come back and visit often.)

Mac Security Options Matter

There was a great article released this month at MacWorld on the four security option settings for Macs that everyone should know.  You can access each of these from System Preferences Security & Privacy Icon. Start with turning your Firewall on to protect you system, read through the advanced options and determine what works will for you. Next, if you travel a lot and are concerned that someone might steal your laptop, turn on FireVault and encrypt your entire fixed disks. Next set your privacy settings and locations services and then go to General settings and set password options for locking and unlocking your system. Taking a little bit of time and help protect your system.  I am often asked if Apple laptops are at risk from viruses and malware, the answer is absolutely. While the nature of the Mac OS is proprietary to Apple, meaning the program install function as well as the information shared with program designers is more limited than that shared by Microsoft's OS, the Mac OS is still vulnerable. Therefore, I use Sophos anti-virus and malware protection to augment what Apple already includes. There are other options as well you are welcome to choose from. Sophos does offer a free license for personal home use only.

There you go, no excuses to not practice safe computing - even on a Mac!

Living in Both Worlds

By the way,  I have used Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer for so many years to maintain my website I am just too lazy to convert to a Mac based solution - though there are many available. But, because I run VMware Fusion 7 on my Mac OPS X Yosemite, I don't have to compromise. I am running Windows 10 (yes, that is correct, it is a preview release) as a virtual machine on my MacBook Pro. Since I have a 30" Dell second monitor, I am running Windows 10 on that display and running Yosemite on the laptop display and just move the mouse back and forth between the two operating systems!  I can even copy from a web page on Safari Browser and Paste to SharePoint Designer on the Windows 10 side, or paste a link into Windows Explorer 11 from Safari on the Mac.

Now, I know you may have to read that paragraph twice to really get it, but I find it amazing.  The OS is now just another program that runs other programs and I am free to continue to run what ever I like!  Life is good.

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