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App Houses Doing Much Needed Clean Up

Microsoft, Apple and Google are all suffering from software app glut. These are apps that impersonate valid applications or misrepresent themselves under a category when in fact they do something else. This app glut makes it difficult for users to wade through the huge volume of apps to find what they really want - kind of like a trip to the mall!
Microsoft recently announced the removal of some 1,500 apps that were misclassified or misrepresented with more to come. Google has taken similar action with the Google Play store and Apple in their iTunes App store.

The other issues that the app houses are fighting are in-app purchases. This past January, Apple agreed to pay $32.5 million to settle a U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint related to in-app purchases by children. In a statement, the FTC said "Apple received at least tens of thousands of complaints about unauthorized in-app purchases by children." Examples include $2,600 spent in "Tap Pet Hotel" and unauthorized charges of $500 in "Dragon Story" and "Tiny Zoo Friends," according to the FTC.  If you have a small child and have set up your iPad for them to you, you have experienced unwanted charges on your iTunes account for downloads the children have initiated.

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