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If you are suffering from a lack of space on your smart device, this App may help.

For those struggling with smartphones that seem to be constantly running out of storage space, an application called PhotoShrinker can help. The app lets you free up space on your iPhone or Android smartphone by compressing photos up to 1/10th of their original size, potentially freeing up gigs of space, and making room for new photos or videos, apps, games, movies, music and more.

The newly shrunken photos can still be shared out to social networks like Facebook and Instagram, where they’ll look the same. It’s just that the photos on your phone won’t be as large in size as before.

As with all recommendations - no matter who from, backup your phone or smart device first before using a new application in case you need to do a quick restore. Make sure you photos and videos are backed up as well at iCloud, Google Drive or another location to protect them in case something happens to your smart device - because it eventually will! 

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