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Microsoft Unveils Windows 10! WHAT? Feel Like You Missed Something.

Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 at an event in San Francisco September 30, 2014, lifting the lid off the highly anticipated Windows upgrade, though not under its expected name, before a gathered group of journalists and analysts. Microsoft's Terry Myerson said the new Windows needed to be built from the ground up for a "mobile-first, cloud-first world," the mantra Microsoft has adopted ever since CEO Satya Nadella took over.

So it likes Windows 10 will run on more types of devices and Microsoft will release a single application platform, with one integrated Store, for the same experience across products.

The OS is scalable across devices (workstations, tablets, phones, etc.) and developers will only need to write one universal app that targets all platforms. Everything from the Internet of Things to data center servers to devices of varying screen sizes will be able compatible with the new version of Windows.

Microsoft jumped straight from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, leapfrogging the expected Windows 9 release. Myerson maintained that when users get their hands on the new OS, they'll see "Windows 10" is a more fitting name than "Windows 9" because the OS represents a far bigger shift than a mere one-digit jump could convey.

So when will be see this amazing new OS? Beginning October 1, 2014 Microsoft is launching a Windows Insider Program to give advanced PC users and IT managers access to the Windows 10 Technical Preview. In early 2015, Microsoft will shift the focus to the consumer side of Windows 10, and its full release is expected in late 2015.  For the rest of the story....

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